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Road trippin

  I didn’t realise I’d become addicted. Of course, I knew motorcyclists can be passionate – that hadn’t taken long to find out – but addicted…that’s almost a medical condition. We have just come home from five days on the bikes. Marcus decided he would take the R1200GS Rallye with its shiny panniers and we […]

Trusting the training wheels

At school, it is easy to remember you’re learning. That you will be expected to prove you have been listening by passing tests – it’s all part of the day job and something to take in your stride. Growing up, reading, writing and arithmetic help set us up for adulthood so we could write shopping […]

Ride Sally, Ride!

I had thought any relationship I’d have with motorbikes had ended in my early 20s after an unplanned and unwise pillion ride through the hilly streets of Genoa – my face felt millimetres from melting into the Italian pavement and I swore that if I survived I’d never straddle a seat again. But jump forward […]